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9:59 p.m.

[I like to eat wieners]

Very disappointed with my horoscope today. It was even more general than it was yesterday. I could try to interpret it to fit my life, but I think the time for the stars to read for me has passed. It has moved on to some other Taurus now.

There is frosting on the toilet seat. I am pretty sure that it is frosting and not poop because aside from the brown color, it looks nothing like poop. Also, the bathroom smelled like chocolate. I don't want to know what they were doing with cake frosting in the bathroom. Also, there are now at least 3 huge pairs of dirty underwear on the bathroom floor courtesy of suitemate andy.

I received my GRE gift certificate by email today. I got the $50 certificate which means that I have actually learned some math since Junior year of high school. I haven't decided what to spend it on yet though, I'm not too keen on the retailers. I just have to tell myself that its a bonus $50 and not my own money and that it is okay to buy something expensive. I just wish I could cash it in at Target, it would go towards my charge card.

I signed my summer lease today. Faith and I ended up switching apartments, so thankfully we are not 5 feet away from the pool. We are however still on the first floor and now we face the parking lot. Maybe it won't be so bad. I don't think the girl we saw before knew what she was doing because she told us the wrong price, either that or they just low-balled us and like suckers we signed on the dotted line.

So the new apartment is $20 more a month for each of us but it comes with the upgraded kitchen and bath. Its actually the apartment of some acquaintances of mine. Friends of my friend Jason live there now, and I was actually over to that apartment one time last semester before we went clubbing. Small world, or at least city.

To sum up this week's caf food in one word, wieners. I have had a hotdog type product four times this week. Bratwurst on monday as some of you may recall, hotdogs on tuesday, kielbasa for lunch today, and hotdogs for dinner tonight. I guess I shouldn't complain since there are always other things to eat, but usually the wieners are the most appealing.

I wore a shirt today that I received as a gift and I don't think that I have ever worn it previously. Its a blue denim shirt with the spartan logo above one of the pockets. Denim shirt?...I know, I know...decade check. The worst thing was that I got my picture taken today, not just for my website, but by some photographer. She asked my class and major, so maybe its for the newspaper or the yearbook. It will be interesting seeing where that photo pops up. Oh, another great things about denim shirts, I have a second one in my closet that I'm sure I'll have to wear because of this challenge. Its really time for me to get rid of my clothes. I get the message Erika.

I hope you all watched the encore presentation of celebrity boxing as I did. It's still hilarious watching Tanya Harding beat the crap out of Paula Jones.

While playing Dr. Mario with Lynn tonight, I decided that instead of saying "fucking shit" or other curse words, I'll try using "Feng Shui". Its a lot more fun to say since fuck and shit are overplayed. Also, its one less syllable than "fucking shit", so its more efficient.


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