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12:33 a.m.

[biochem sucks twice]

Right now I have a reverse farmer's tan. You may recall my sun burnt ankles from previous entries. The ones that were almost purple? Oh come on people, I only have two ankles, keep up. Anyway, since the sun burn has gone away, they have been a lovely shade of tan while the rest of me has a more pasty white boy look.

Our apartment dilema for next year has a new chapter. A new potential third roommate has just entered the saga. He is known as "Burrito Boy" in our circle of friends because he is very fond of having burritos for dinner. Anyway, he is a trainer on the women's crew team and is looking for a place to live next year. The positives are that he can cook, and he'll never be around because he'll be in med school and studying all the time. The only bad thing about this is that his name is Justin. I realize that there are other people out there with the same name as me, but do I have to live with them? Or share a room together with them in the same apartment? It is going to lead to so much confusion! Other side note, he has an extremely big head, litterally. He actually weighed it one time and it was 14 lbs.

Faith and I toured the new biotech building on campus, 8 days before it officially opens to the public. It was so cool! We took the walkway from the fourth floor to the fifth floor of the biochem building. I'm so excited, I actually have a class in the new building next year. So anyway, Faith and I had to go to the biochem building to get an override into our biochem class that we have to retake. Our stupid professor is such a jerk. He will insult you if you ask a question in class. Anyway, he was trying to discourage us from taking his class and just when on forever talking. I'm just glad that he didn't recognize us from last semester. I'm not looking forward to having his class again.

The White Stripes lego video is so cool! I'm not sure if I like the song though.

I found out today that if I want to stay a targeteer, I have to work this summer. I guess I'll go talk to my local target next week and try to get a transfer. Maybe everyone working at this target will be really cool and I'll have a great summer working with them. Or maybe I'll just resent that target because its not my target and secretly (or not so secretly) hate everyone there. We'll see...

I think I'm getting sick. My throat hurts and I'm tired (not that that's new). It could just be the zinc powder still stuck in my system though.


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