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9:08 p.m.

it was a monday

[legal resident]

it really doesn't feel like a monday to me though, it really feels like a tuesday or a wednesday. I guess it doesn't really matter though since I work retail and don't have a set weekend anyway.

So my apologies to anyone who is still a reader of this log. You must think I'm having amazing fun to have ignored my diary for so long. Unfortunately it is more of a result of apathy and an uncooperative internet connection. But I will try my best to highlight the past month of my life.

I now have an Illinois driver's lisence. I got it about 2 weeks ago. That was quite an experience. They made me take the written test which I wasn't really prepared for. I don't know why I even worried though. It was hard to tell whether the woman scoring my test was in secret agreement with me that most of the questions were ridiculously obvious or if she just though I was an idiot for not knowing the the proper distance to turn on your blinker is 100 ft before turning, not 50. Seriously though, here is an example question, "True or False: Its wise to drive slower during bad weather." The questions were just phrased in such a way that you would have to be an idiot not to know what they wanted.

We've done a little entertaining to some Michigan tourists lately. Erika's fam came out as well as our friend Nick. We did some touristy stuff as well as some new stuff. We went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is free and fantastic for a free zoo. Its just so amazing seeing these animals from around the world with the city in the background. We also rediscovered where Second City is and the Mexican restaurant we ate at during spring break 2 years ago. We also found a Coldstone ice cream parlor, which is our favorite ice cream place. Their cake batter ice cream is orgasmic. Also in the same area we found the classiest porn shop ever seen. Roommate Jen had some fun discussing the logistics of a 2 foot dildo with the shop worker.

The job outlook isn't really happening. I think lately I've been a little distracted due to video games. But I have applied for a promotion at Target. There were three positions I applied for. The first was for working in the cash office, the second was for working in the pharmacy, and the third was for being a salesfloor supervisor. While the supervisor role would be the best paying position, it would also make me a committed slave to Target. Although it would look good on a resume for being a supervisor, I'm afraid that it would seal my fate as a targeteer for life. The pharmacy position would be my prefered choice I think, because it is a different type of job, dealing with people in a completely different way, and still within my field of science and medicine. I just need to do something more. If I don't get away from Target then I need to move higher up.

I think that's about all I can say for a broad overview of the past month in my life. I'll try to update more often so I can be more detailed.


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